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Free Sample Papers MH CET MBA CET Maharashtra Material

CAT Preparation Material

INSTRUCTIONS – Please read these carefully before attempting the test

1. This test is based on pattern of previous years’ CET Papers., CET 2010 Papers

2. There are four sections.

Section 1- English & Reading Comprehension (50 questions)

Section 2- Quantitative Ability (20 questions)

Section 3- Data Interpretation (22 questions)

Section 4 – Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency (66 questions)

CET Question Papers, Download Free CET 2011 Question Papers

3. The total time allotted is 2 hours exactly. Please note your start time and end time on the answer sheet.

Do not take more than 2 hours, or you will get a wrong assessment.

4. Please fill all the details, as asked on top of the answer sheet.

5. Please try to maximize your attempt overall, but you need to do well in all sections.

6. There is 1 mark for every right answer and 0.25 negative mark for every wrong one.

7. There is no sectional time limit.

8. Since it is a time constrained test and you have 2 hours, and all questions carry equal marks, please don’t      get stuck on any question, move fast to try and do easier ones.

9. Please do all scratch work on paper only, no extra sheets to be used. Put all your answers on the

Answer sheet.

CET Question Papers, Free Download CET 2011 Question Papers MH CET Maharashtra


Directions for Q.1 to 5: Choose from among the given alternatives the one which will be a

Suitable to fill in the blank in most of the sentences.

1.             A. Professional studies have become the ____ of the rich.

B. Every citizen has the _____ to speak, travel and live as he pleases.

C. He has a definite ______ over all his rivals.

D. Sharon no longer has the _____ of the company’s bungalow and car.

(a) Advantage (b) privilege (c) right (d) concession
2.             A. People sensed ______.

B. A bad _____ case had come in—a person with a smashed arm.

C. And then, without warning, _____ struck.

D. The dogs were the first to recognize the signs of oncoming _________.

(a) Tragedy (b) accident (c) disaster (d) calamity

3. The body of Macedonian infantry drawn up in close order was like a formidable castle of steel.

(a) Phalanx (b) phagocyte (c) phenomenon (d) phaeton

4. The thrilling narrative caused the hair on the skin to stand erect.

(a) Tension (b) horrification (c) terror (d) horror

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